It was that time of the year when I packed my bags with nothing but my passport, a GoPro and a Realm Towel. I mean that’s all you really need right?

An image of Peshtemal with GoPro and Passport

Hah! Just kidding (packed maybe 20kg worth of clothing) but no seriously, at the end of my trip and looking back at my photos, I noticed how much a towel, my Realm towel had served me.

I once read “A thick terry towel is just a towel, but my Turkish towel can be utilized in so many ways” and on my journey to The Great Ocean Road, Australia, that statement  came to life through REAL experiences. So follow me as I take you through Great Ocean Road, Australia with Lagoona Collection!

I won’t talk much, I’ll let the photos do the talking….

Image of the author comfrotably sleeping in an airplane seat.

It was a long and quiet 8 hour flight. No entertainment, no nothing (what happens when you’re on a budget airline) so might as well get comfy and sleep through it!

*Lagoona as flight blanket*

Image of the author dressed casually chic with her Lagoona scarf.

8 hours later and Lagoona wrapped around my neck upon a chilly arrival.

*Lagoona as a neck scarf*

Image of the author sitting in her Airbnb bedroom.

Excuse me as I get comfortable in my new “home” for the next few days.

*Lagoona as a home blankie*

Image of the author enjoying a cup of coffee while snuggling under her Lagoona peshtemal shawl.

Day 2 and more chilly mornings with Lagoona accompanying me over a hot cuppa.

*Lagoona as a shawl*

Image of the author getting ready to put on some make-up.

Let’s put on our face, shall we?

Image of the author and her traveling partner in a car.

…and we’re off! #roadtrip!

An image of the path to Bell's Beach, Torquay

Making our way to Great Ocean Road but made a quick pit stop at Bell’s Beach, Torquay.

Image of the author overlooking the serene Bell's Beach, Torquay.
Image of the author covering her face from the cold breeze of the Indian Ocean

The Iconic Bell’s Beach, one of the greatest surfing spots in the world. Oh did I mention how cold it was? :p

*Lagoona as a face muffler*

Image of the author sitting on a bench with a basket of canapes surrounded by ecological beauty.

Our Airbnb host was kind enough to take us on a tour and brought a basket of canapes for sunset.
We’re a huge fan of Airbnb btw, you experience the country as a true local, something you would never get with a 5 star hotel.

Image of an amazing purplish sunset.

My first ever purple sunset.

Image of author Airbnb accommodation at the Great Ocean Road

Our home at Great Ocean Road!

Image of Lagoona used as a throw throughout the author's traveling.

Lagoona for home.

*Lagoona as a sofa throw*

Image of Real.m name card with the 12 Apostles at the background.

Made it to the 12 Apostles!

Image of the author gazing at the beauty of the 12 Apostles amidst the gloomy and windy weather.

Gloomy and windy but nothing could take away this beauty.

Image of the 12 Apostles from opposite angle.
Image of the author overlooking the 12 Apostles through the wirefence.
Image of the spalshing waves of the Indian Ocean at the Great Ocean Road. A Wanderlust Travel

The Great Ocean of the Great Ocean Road. Thank you for the memories!