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A soft towel that covering my feet well. 超赞的!

— Yap Chung Han

It dries of easily. The towels are so comfy that we sometime just wore them as sarong at home or make it as blanky for myself and my baby. Bought a few range from their very first towel edition. And I'm using it for almost all occasion, from bathing, to the gym, yoga and traveling with the family.

— Shida Kuthairi

They are super light and convenient for travelling (especially for light packers!) and dry pretty fast so it’s easy to re-use them. I’ve used them as a blanket, throw, mat and swaddle too. Their collection are pretty awesome to be given away as gifts for loved ones.

— Alia Norman

I've been using my Real.m towel for the last three years. It still looks new! It is always a part of my travel essentials being light and multi-purpose. It's worth the investment as it will stay with you for the long run.

— Nik Syahida Raja Ibrahim

I bring my towel with me everywhere and I use it for everything! It has changed my life and my lifestyle. I only have 2 and it has lasted me over the years and quality is still great!

— Fara L.

It is well worth the money. Dries quickly so no more damp towels hanging around. Good to know that it's all natural materials and the design's funky too. Thanks!

— Abena B.

Love how versatile this Ivory Top from Real.m! You can wear it as a blouse or as a cardigan and tie it into a knot for that effortless-chic Pinterest approved look.

— Sri A.

Always never without my Turkish Towel

— Mark H.

It’s raining outside but I'm good in here celebrating my birthday morning with banana shake, toasts & omelette, twirled up in my Turkish Towel and my favorite man by my side.

— Atilia Haron

Now that I have been using Real.m towels for over 2 years I wouldn’t dream about going back to conventional towels. Since trying to adopt a more minimal and green lifestyle these towels have played their part - they hardly take up any storage space and don’t take up much space in the wash.

— Hana

I love the Real.m towel for its silky texture. I love how it feels around my skin after I washed my face.

— Aelma Z.

Real.m has a special place in my home and I love them. It's versatile, functional and so soft to the skin. Designs are just right for my home, incredibly beautiful. They are my favorite items for gifts too!

— Shareen Dato' Abdul Ghani

So, I was travelling in Australia, and realized I had left my scarf behind, but Real.m went above and beyond the call of duty and saved me from the cold, they got my scarves delivered all the way to Australia in a beautiful package with a little message, I think touches like that really make a difference, such great and prompt service.

— Bianca

It became my “security blanket” and my go-to when it comes to keeping me warm in the cinema or during rainy cool days, and my cozy companion to make me feel at ease while I’m away from the comfort of my home.

— Ayu