The look of Love. Paying homage to Earth friendliest fibre with our special Bamboo Set for Mother and Child.  Gentle to the touch, breezy and hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin.

    RM1 donated to reforestation projects throughout Malaysia.

Free Size for Adult.  For Child Serai Kaftan, sizes available for 3-12 months and 2-6 yr. old. (For orders, please include preferred size under NOTE on your cart.)

For both Mother and Child, Serai Kaftan Set comes for both babies and toddlers.   Suitable for your home and outdoors, made easy to throw on and off during child’s play.

  • Material: 100% Bamboo
  • Size: Free Size for Adult | 3-12 months & 2-6 year old for Child
  • Weight: 300gr Adult | 150gr Child

Bath, Beach/Outdoor activities, Travels, Sports, Home Décor, Yoga

~100% Natural Fibre
~Highly absorbent
~Highly Durable
~Dust & Sand free

First wash is advised to be hand-washed.  Future washes can be done at 30-40 degrees in the washing machine.  No dryer required as Peshtemals dry fast.