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    Sorbet Towel

    RM 130.00
    Sweeten your everyday living with plush colors.    RM1 donated to reforestation projects throughout Malaysia.
    SORBET is an eye candy for those sunny days spent by the beach or pool side.  It is a perfect match as a beach and travel towel.
    • Material: 100% Turkish Cotton
    • Size: 100x180cm
    • Weight: 300g
    Bath, Beach/Outdoor activities, Travels, Sports, Home Décor, Baby Towel/Sling, Yoga
    ~100% Natural Fibre (non-GMO) ~Highly absorbent ~Highly Durable ~Multifunctional ~Dust & Sand free ~Feather-light ~Fast-drying
    First wash is advised to be hand-washed.  Future washes can be done at 30-40 degrees in the washing machine.  No dryer required as Peshtemals dry fast.