• Your eco-friendly blanket to keep you warm at home and during your travels! Light and easy to pack, Real.m travel blankets are handloomed and are made out of non-GMO cotton and vegetable dyes. Live Large with things that Matter – MULTI USAGE – ECO FRIENDLY – GIVE BACK    RM1 donated to reforestation projects throughout Malaysia.
    A wanderlust essential, the premium non-GMO Turkish cotton blankets are lightweight and versatile. Easy to pack and stylish for your home. Make it last and make it matter by opting for: • Eco-friendly material - non-GMO cotton & vegetable dyes • Traditional Craft – a 500 year old handloom craft • Less is more – a blanket that is multi-usage & can be re-purposed
    • Material: 100% Turkish Cotton (non-GMO)
    • Weight: 390gr.
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 100x175cm.
    Home, Travel, Shawl, Picnic Mat, Towel, Throw
    ~Highly absorbent ~Highly Durable ~Breathable ~Fast Drying
    First wash is advised to be hand-washed.  Future washes can be done at 30-40 degrees in the washing machine.  No dryer required as Peshtemals dry fast.
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