– A Hiker’s Path to Healing-

Real.m met up with Afif Azizan as we have been following his journey via instagram (@tetamugunung), which took us on a journey through Asia’s most stunning hilltop and mountain views.  Curious to his obsession, we wanted to learn about his latest trip and get a taste of the euphoric endeavor.

Q: Where did you go and what was the itinerary?

I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Took 3 hours and a half van ride from Chiang Mai International Airport to Mae Sariang and then the next morning another 2 hours 4×4 ride to where the starting point of the trail. It’s a 4 days and 3 nights trekking a 50-kilometers long path following an old trail connecting hill tribe villages. It was once used by villagers in the past. Nowadays, this trail is abandoned and almost forgotten, as everyone prefers a more convenient mode of transportation.

Q: How is this trip different from other trails you have been on?

The trail just launched for public to trek since last year as the trail was mainly for villagers over 100 years ago. The trail is clean and well-kept by the villagers.

Q: What were your highs and low?

I am not a beginner nor a professional. Nature is another subject that we need to learn and still learning. I hike for gaining knowledge, for leisure, for majestic views, making new friends from all over the world and for the sake of nature. The trail was nice, ascending is my weakness and pretty slow.  With patience, I will get there.

Q: How did you start?

A: I had a mental breakdown, a mild depression back then. I wanted to be positive as much as I want to avoid all the negativity. And then I decided to hike, I did and stuck with the hobby. It is peaceful inside out. Try!

Q: What are the things people don’t know about this place?

A: There is a local organization trying to fight for this trail to become a National Park but at the moment the progress is still an on-going discussion with the federal government. This place was launched only last year so I guess it is still new and not many people know about it. Fjallraven Thailand is hosting this event yearly so watch out their website for their next adventure.

Q: Who can hike?

A: If I can, you can! Only if you want to experience it! But please bare in mind in this trail there are no water source until Day 4 when you pass through hill tribe villagers. Early preparation is a mandatory!

Q: How did Real.m Towel serve you?

A: First impression, when I received in hand holding it, I was stunned by how it weighs. It is a towel and it is ultra-light. Smells good too, knowing it is 100% natural. I’ve used it most of my time at campsite, it keeps me warm during my sleeps.

Q: What did you like most about Real.m towel?

A: It’s ultra-light. It is a hiker’s dream to collect things that are fairly light to bring for a camp.

Q: Why do you trek?

A: God’s creation. We are able to see God’s creation by just walking. The more you walk, the more you see His greatest creation in the world. He built this for us to see with our own eyes. Nature is bringing us together, with people and mother-nature adapting the connections within skies and clouds, streams and rocks, trees and animals. Explore.

Check our Afif’s Short Adventure Video Youtube: https://youtu.be/-32mzoi1OMc