It was my best friends birthday and I wanted so badly to celebrate her day with meaning.  KL is great for café hopping and dinning but that’s over done. I ran out of gift ideas and thought, why not create more great memories and real experiences.  And so we got on the road… an hour’s drive from KL towards Life Forest self-sustainable homestead and permaculture for a real bond into the green, away from our usual KL city-life’s routines.

In the midst of the jungle in Broga, Selangor, hides the humble home and organic farm of Xiao and Liang.

The home maintains raw aesthetic from organic building materials: clay, rice straw, bamboo are the raw materials used.

The Patio was the life of the house.  A place to gather for a real connection.  Plus that view…

Being present, engaged and in touch with our immediate surroundings and the people who are actually around us and not on the screen.

REAL.CONNECTION ~ The owner, Liang, shared with us the philosophy he follows – x Farmer.  The X Farmer is someone spends 50% of their time farming and 50% on their X. The X could be anything but tributes to society. Liang has a background in IT and has a lot of experience in giving software training so his X is in IT.

REAL.EXPERIENCES ~ Touring the natural farm in which everything provides and self sustains through home-scale permaculture; from the edible farm, fresh spring water irrigation to paddy fields.

It’s the simple things that brings real happiness.

This includes Real.m’s travel towel.  Yup, got you covered for when you need it and if you forget spare clothes, use it as a pareo.

Durian flower Rendang!  No it did not taste like Durian fruit and was AMAZING!

Real Food ~ Xioa is an amazing Cook!  Besides preparing for us a wholesome lunch purely made from vegetables, fruits and herbs from her farm, we got to a chance to make Soy milk and Tofu using the traditional and natural method.

Handmade Soy Milk.

There’s something about the human touch that adds love to the food we consume.

Nothing beats ending the day with a full stomach and full heart.  We take with us the memories, kinship and laughters.

A highly recommended get-away (Real.m approved experience) to those seeking for a taste of real local flavor and fauna, plus a true green connection.